What is Strikelist?

It’s a free suite of get-out-the-vote (GOTV) tools for progressive candidates and activists. It’s intended to empower smaller organizations, especially at the local or state level.

We think that every person who wants to make a difference deserves good tools to help them do the job, no matter how much cash they have on hand.

It’s free? Then how does Strikelist make money?

It doesn’t! Strikelist is run by volunteers, and built in a way that minimizes cost. The entire service costs about $25/mo to run.

Do you share my data with third parties?

As little as possible. Your data is only shared with third parties when it is necessary in order to run Strikelist. (For example, your data passes through Heroku, the cloud services provider that runs our servers.) These third parties are not allowed to use your data for their own purposes.

Strikelist has zero interest in harvesting your data for financial or strategic gain. The only goal is to promote positive political change, by enabling grassroots activists and campaigns to do their best work.

Can I delete data from my account?

Yes, you can delete data from your account at any time. When you do, we immediately remove that information from our database, fully and permanently.

Has anyone actually used Strikelist in an election?

Yes! In fall 2018, 7 winning candidates for state and municipal office in Rhode Island used Strikelist to manage their GOTV operation, in both primary and general elections.

How do I get access to Strikelist?

New registrations are currently closed. Our apologies!

How can I help Strikelist?

Good question! The best way you can help Strikelist is by spreading the word. The goal for Strikelist is help create positive political change, so if you know anyone who would benefit from these tools, please let them know about us.

If you’re well-connected in a particular political scene and you’d like to become a volunteer ambassador for Strikelist, email [email protected] and let us know. Volunteer ambassadors have the power to approve new Strikelist users, and serve as a primary point of contact for Strikelist users in their region.

I have more questions (or suggestions). Who can I talk to?

Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll reply right away.